WhatsApp seems to be the fastest medium for any news to go viral. In the latest round of bizarre happenings, pictures of fake new Rs 500 currency notes have surfaced. The notes of Rs 500 denomination displays the wrong spelling of words ‘Reserve Bank of India’, creating panic among the people. Newly designed Rs 500 bank notes were brought in along with the introduction of Rs 2000 denomination currency notes during Indian PM Narendra Modi’s ambitious demonetization drive on 8th November 2017. But the viral images of fake new Rs 500 notes with the word ‘reserve’ been misspelt as ‘resurve’ is demanding individuals to focus on checking the original currency from the counterfeit ones. Rs 200 new Note picture Real or Fake? RBI could issue Rs 200 currency notes after June 2017, claim reports.Also Read - PM Narendra Modi Calls Demonetisation a 'Multi-Dimensional Success', Lists 7 Benefits of Note Ban

Two pictures of Rs 500 bank notes are doing the rounds on WhatsApp and social media. The reason for it drawing such a huge attention from the individuals is the wrong spelling of Reserve Bank of India on the currency notes. The Rs 500 currency note of the Mahatma Gandhi New Series was given a fresh design details when the government re-introduced it after the demonetization drive. The stone grey coloured Rs 500 currency shows the spelling of RBI as ‘Resurve Bank of India’ on both the sides. Also Read - Demonetisation: Government Not to Allow Fresh Window for Exchange of Old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Currency Notes

This is not the first time when new notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 have come under the scanner due to their faulty errors. A notable incident highlighting issues with five-hundred notes came to light when a Reddit user posted a picture showing the currency with the faded ink. Not just the person in particular, but several users joined in a complaint about the Rs 500 bank notes’ ink getting faded if they were washed once with clothes by mistake. Also Read - RBI issues new Rs 500 notes; Current currency notes to remain in circulation

Not just the Rs 500 banknotes depicting the wrong spelling of Reserve Bank of India but also Rs 2000 also showed similar errors a few months ago. The news of Rs 2000 fake currency note of ‘Children Bank of India’ available at State of India ATM took the social media by storm. Apart from the wrongly depicted bank name, ‘Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank’ in Hindi was engraved on the other side of the Rs 2000 note.

How to check original from fake currency: RBI issued stone grey Rs 500 denomination banknotes with inset letter ‘E’ in both the number panels. The note has the signature of Governor Dr Urjit R Patel and bears the year of printing ‘2016’ and Swachh Bharat Logo printed on the reverse of the banknote. The image of the Red Fort with Indian flag replaced the picture of the Salt March at the back side of the new note. Both sides bear the words – Reserve Bank of India. While withdrawing the Rs 500 currency notes, keep these pointers in mind.