New Delhi: Responding to PM Narendra Modi’s call, on Sunday, enthusiastic Indians came out on their balconies to applaud health workers and overwhelmingly participated in the exercise. Soon after, misleading messages started to circulate on WhatsApp and other social media platforms which claimed that the sound created when people clapped, rang bells has reduced the risk of coronavirus. Also Read - Lovebirds Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora Spotted Together in Their Home Balcony During Janata Curfew

However, this bizarre claim is far, far away from truth and carries no merit at all. There is no scientific evidence to prove that vibrations created by collectively clapping can destroy coronavirus. The initiative was only to express gratitude to doctors, and nothing else. Also Read - Covidiots Much? Social Distancing Goes For a Toss As Thousands of Indians Take Out Rallies During Janata Curfew | Watch

If you have received such a message, please understand the fact that NASA can’t record sounds from the earth in isolation nor does it own a ‘SD-13 Wave Detector’. Also Read - Bollywood Stars Clap, Bang Utensils to Show Support Towards Janata Curfew | Watch

Now, debunking the claims, Press Information Bureau’s fact checking handle has also taken to Twitter to alert citizens, ”Beware! Messages are being shared on Social media claiming that the risk of #Coronavirus in India has been reduced due to noise produced during the #JantaCurfew.

#PIBFactCheck: Everyone is advised to not get misled and continue to practice #SocialDistancing and personal hygiene.”

Another piece of misinformation, shared by many famous celebrities, claimed that the 14 hour-long curfew will break the chain of transmission as the lifespan of the novel coronavirus is 12 hours. However, there is no scientific research to substantiate such claims as a recent study found that the virus can live in the air for several hours and on some surfaces for as long as 2 -3 days.

Prior to the Janata curfew too, many people came out with misleading theories and claimed that clapping together at 5 pm would make such a “vibration” in the atmosphere that coronavirus will be destroyed.

As part of its effort to dispel all rumours peddling during the COVID-19 pandemic, PIB had then too discredited such messages saying,  ”NO ! The vibration generated by clapping together will NOT destroy #Coronavirus infection.”

With coronavirus disrupting lives and puncturing economies, it’s essential to only believe news from credible sources and not fall for such misinformation, especially WhatsApp forwards.

Such messages pose huge risk to public health and the only way to stem the spread of the virus is to exercise caution and remain indoors. No sound is going to magically whisk the virus away!