Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe could not keep calm and rightly so, ever since the screengrabs of the final scene from Captain America: The First Avenger went viral. Seeing lead actor Chris Evans flanked by a billboard of corona beer on one side, an image representing a virus on the other and a billboard that reads “By George, we did it!”, conspiracy theorists claimed that the superhero had predicted not just the coronavirus but also the protests in America against George Floyd’s murder in 2011 itself.Also Read - Dabur's New Karwa Chauth Ad Featuring Same-sex Couple Receives Mixed Reactions from Netizens

Ever since the last week, the Internet broke after those who subscribe to conspiracy theories about the origin of the coronavirus, trended the screenshots of the final scene across social media platforms. While one Twitter user exclaimed, “OMG ITS NOT FAKE. Captain America. On right, coronavirus, on left a corona beer and a sign that says BY GEORGE WE DID IT. Captain America The First Avenger from 2011! @THErealDVORAK (sic)”, another questioned, “The things that make you go hhhmmm. All the worlds a stage. Nothing new under the sun. 2011 Captain America Movie. Corona Beer Coronavirus New York By George We did it. How many coincidences before mathematical impossibility? (sic)” Also Read - International Travel Latest News: Indian Tourists Can Fly to These Countries Without Restrictions | Full List Here

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Finally, after more than a week of eyebrow raising speculation, a film critic named William Mullally of The Cutaway, pinned down one real image to debunk the news that it was not a virus symbol on the billboard in the Marvel Studios’ movie. Mullally clarified, “A friend who’s fully into the covid conspiracies sent me this post that says Captain America predicted the coronavirus outbreak in 2011, and while its obviously bs, I started fixating on that circled image on the right. It looks so familiar. What is it? I began to investigate. At first I thought it reminded me of a YA novel cover design from that era. I went through all the main ones until I remembered the Divergent cover had the same color scheme, but not quite the same design. Close, but no cigar. I enlisted my friend Wes for help, who found a clearer screenshot and zoomed in and it felt even more familiar but we couldn’t quite place it. I figured out the filming date of the scene—23 April 2011. I looked up every movie and broadway show released from April through the summer. Nothing. I started watching random YouTube videos and looking for images from April 2011 in Times Square. No clear view of the poster. Wes started scouring Bing and google street view. Finally, Wes found this. We recognized the logo and the color scheme. We cracked the case. It’s spaghetti (sic).”

American actor and director Christopher Robert Evans, better known as, Chris Evans, is seen in the much-hyped post-credits scene of Captain America: The First Avenger where his character Steve Rogers wakes up in modern-day America and runs out into New York Times Square. The scene shows him looking around in confusion when he Nick Fury, essayed by Samuel L Jackson, meets him. Pause to this scene and the eagle-eyed fans noticed the couple of billboards in the backdrop, allegedly carrying the hidden meanings.