The family of 56-year-old Jaynarayan Pandey were left heart-broken when the doctors at Howrah district hospital informed them that the patient had died. Relatives rushed to the hospital on hearing this news, only to find the patient happily eating lunch at the hospital. This bizarre incident occurred when Jaynarayan, who was declared fit to be discharged, did not wish to leave the hospital and started roaming about the hospital. Instead of leaving his bed empty, Pandey placed an unconscious patient who was on the floor on his bed and created the confusion. Also Read - Rajasthan Woman Cremates Stranger Mistaking For Her Brother

The unidentified patient had been placed on the floor as the hospital did not have enough beds and when this patient, X-16 passed away, the doctors mistakenly identified him as Jaynarayan Pandey. However, the most hilarious part of this entire incident was that when Jaynarayan Pandey’s relatives saw him eating at the hospital, Pandey started running around the hospital trying to escape from them all while yelling that he did not want to leave! The doctors were left surprised with this weird behaviour and later revealed that Pandey was a widower who lived alone. Shocking! Dead teen wakes up on way to his own funeral.

One relative who witnessed the entire ordeal spoke to Times of India, “”Seeing us with garlands and flowers, he started to run. We gave chase, followed by doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. He ran from one department to another. Finally, we caught up with him. He started shouting that he didn’t want to leave, saying he won’t have anything to eat.” Hospital superintendent Narayan Chatterjee also revealed that this was the first time that such an incident had been witnessed at the Howrah hospital.

While the mistaken identity caused a minor scare for Pandey’s family, the hospital said that they have decided to let Pandey stay as long as he needs. Jaynarayan Pandey is not well off and was admitted to the Howrah district hospital on May 16, 2017, with tuberculosis and acute asthma. While his health has improved, the hospital has decided to keep him put on a humanitarian basis. “We have decided, on humanitarian grounds, that if Pandey doesn’t want to leave, he will be allowed to stay on. We make arrangements for so many patients, and so it will not be a problem to arrange for one more person. He can stay as long as he wants,” the hospital superintendent said.