If the meme-inspiring song Eye to Eye was not enough, Mankind’s Angel Taher Shah dropped another cringe-worthy track recently which makes the COVID-19 lockdown look like a “Farishta“. Ever since Taher dropped the news of an upcoming song, fans on Twitter waited for the song on the edge. Also Read - Delhi Records Highest Single-Day Spike With 4,853 Fresh Covid Cases; Death Toll Climbs To 6,356

Making one roll on the floor with laughter, the song is as senseless as Taher’s previous compositions. Farishta suggested that “children are the angels of the Earth” but the song is about people being angels in themselves. The song opens to a an animated palace opening up in the sky outside of which a unicorn lands. A prince walks out, mounts the unicorn and flies off over seas and rainbows to land in a meadow and that is exactly where self-bragging starts. From comparing his human self to an angel to comparing his heart to a rose, Taher once again makes fans wonder the pot he smoked before penning, singing, composing and directing the song. The five minutes, forty four seconds song goes down the hill right after the starting fifteen seconds. Also Read - Covid-19 Cases Increased in 5 States During Festive Season; Recovery Rate Above 90%: Govt

Watch the full song Farishta here: Also Read - COVID-19 Puts Pause on Highly Revered Himachal Deity's Winter Sojourn

Taher Shah has been known for making unique music, which takes people by surprise. The singer has become an internet personality and delivers songs which are bound to go viral. His first song, Eye to Eye was released in 2013 and his confidence is legendary.

The bizarre Pakistani singer has become extremely active and has been bombarding the internet with releases at a much faster pace. His second video song released three years after the classic Eye to Eye. However, the artist has been extremely active in the past year. Another song of Taher, Humanity Love was a one of a kind speech with a background music that could steal your peace more than any corona. The video song went viral in no time, mainly for the hidden meaning in the verses of the angelic “Humanity Love”. The song had one simple message in a very complex mixture of Urdu and Hindi – you need to give love to get love and how you should not be afraid of loving “angels”.

Seems like Taher Shah is ultra obssessed with the word “angel” in any language since they find a continuous mention in all of his songs. Ironically, no angel can save Taher from the brutal trolling that is bombarding Twitter ever since his latest song dropped.