Nagaur: The fear of God can make people do anything and an example of it was recently witnessed in Rajasthan. In a dramatic twist, burglars who had stolen Rs 2 lakh from a Dargah’s donation box in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district, returned half of the stolen amount after a month. Also Read - Thief Steals Car with 4-yr-old Child Inside, Returns to 'Lecture' Mother and Threatens to Call Police on Her

But why? According to the villagers, the burglars returned the money apparently fearing the wrath of the “Pir Baba” (holy saint).

The incident was reported at the Dargah of Hazrat Saman Diwan in Badi Khatu village of the district. According to the police, the miscreants broke open the locks of the donation box of the shrine and decamped with around Rs 2 lakh on December 17 night.

A police report was filed soon after the theft, but there was no clue about the thieves for a month. Even the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the vicinity were non-functional.

However, on Monday morning, villagers were shocked to see a bundle of notes totalling Rs 93,514, lying near the Dargah. Later, it was discovered they were the same notes stolen from the shrine. The villagers informed the police about the matter and handed over the money to the officials.

In a similar incident, a few years ago, a thief who stole gold ornaments from a house in Kerala returned it two days later with an apology letter. Pleading with the owner to not get him arrested, the thief wrote, ”Please do not get me arrested. Pardon me. I am sorry. The mistake I have committed is due to my extreme conditions.”

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