Dubai: Ever wondered how would it feel to have the whole plane to yourself? Well, recently, a UAE-based Indian businessman S P Singh Oberoi got to experience this luxury when he boarded Air India’s flight from Amritsar to Dubai with an economy-class ticket in hand. As he stepped inside the plane, he was pleasantly surprised to know he was the only passenger in the aircraft.Also Read - Viral Video: Man Builds Secret Tunnel Under The Bed, Video Will Leave You Scratching Your Head | Watch

Oberoi, who holds a golden visa that allows 10-year long residency in the UAE, was the sole passenger on the national carrier’s Dubai-bound three-hour flight that departed from Amritsar around 3.45 am on Wednesday, an official said. During the flight, he snapped pictures with the crew members and paced up and down the aircraft multiple times without any hindrance.

 “I took my flight from Amritsar to Dubai by Air India (AI-929) on June 23 at around 4 am. I was very lucky to be the only passenger on the entire flight. I feel like a Maharaja during my travel,” Oberoi told ANI.

He added, “I was treated very well by the entire crew and was photographed in an empty plane, I took pictures with the crew and pilots of the aircraft.”

He also took to his Twitter handle to thank the government of UAE and Air India for their service.

However, Oberoi also added that after a point, travelling alone became boring. “If I get a chance to travel solo next time I will refuse. It is good for once in a lifetime experience. It was very boring.” To pass time, he started counting the number of seats and windows in the plane.

This was the third time in the last five weeks when a flight to Dubai had just one passenger.

  • On May 19, a 40-year-old man named Bhavesh Javeri was the lone passenger on Emirates’ Mumbai-Dubai flight.
  • Three days later, another man named Oswald Rodrigues was the lone passenger on Air India’s Mumbai-Dubai flight.