Bhubaneswar: Needless to say, the Covid-19 lockdown has worsened the misery of the poor in the country, especially migrant workers. The desperation among these migrants was so palpable that they were willing to walk to their native villages, hundreds of kilometres away.
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However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as various concerned citizens aggrieved at their condition have come forward to lend a helping hand to them in the times of such tragedy and distress. One of them is Krupajala Engineering College based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha which has extended its support to help the government during this crisis.

The Chairman of the Krupajal group of Institutions, Dr. Bhabani Charan Rath recently announced that migrants, labourers and tourists stranded coming back to Odisha from other states such as Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujrat, Andhra, Karnataka and various other parts of the country will be first given assistance at Krupajal Engineering College (KEC) M.Tech building which is converted as a screening centre.

These migrants coming from various states of the country via bus and trains, will be provided free food and free lodging at the screening center with assistance from the state government. After registering them in special camps set up for various blocks in the district, they will be examined by health department officials.

In case, a person is diagnosed with coronavirus, he or she will be taken to a special government hospital. Meanwhile, others in good health will be taken to their blocks by special buses and then placed in quarantine for 14 days in their panchayats.

Dr. Rath, who is a known philanthropist, also expressed his gratitude to the frontline warriors and all those who are working relentlessly to serve the nation in such times.