In a heartbreaking picture that will wrench your hearts, a Palestinian man is seen scaling up a hospital wall to bid goodbye to his mother through the window before she dies of coronavirus.Also Read - Working Mothers Struggle The Most During COVID-19 Pandemic, Here is How to Remain Sane During This Tough Time

As per reports, the 30-year-old man named, Jihad Al-Suwaiti, a young Palestinian from the town of Beit Awa in the West Bank, had no choice left but to bid goodbye to his mother by climbing up the window of the Intensive Care Unit of Hebron State Hospital, where she was bring treated for COVID-19.

His mother Rasmi Suwaiti, had been under treatment for leukaemia and Covid-19 for nearly 5 days before she breathed her last on July 16, shortly after the unexpected visit from her son.

The image which has now gone viral, was shared by Mohamad Safa, a human activist and representative to the United Nations, on Twitter. He captioned it as “The son of a Palestinian woman who was infected with COVID-19 climbed up to her hospital room to sit and see his mother every night until she passed away.”

“Jihad is the youngest child and is indeed close to his mother, especially after the death of our father 15 years ago, Our mother had leukaemia and was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago. When informed of our mother’s death, Jihad was angry and in denial,”  local reports quoted his older brother as saying.

The picture has made netizens emotional and heartbroken, with one user saying, ”She must have been a wonderful mother to have raised such a devoted son. Blessings on them both. Rest in peace, dear lady,” one user sent her condolences.

“What a wonderful son. Brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat at such love and caring,” wrote another person.

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