In a hilarious turn of events, fitness model Michelle Lewin visited Pig Island in the Bahamas for a photoshoot where she hoped to get some adorable pictures clicked playing with the piglets but it turned out to be the horribly wrong idea. While she was posing for the camera, a pig walks up to her and bites her bum. Now a video from the incident has surfaced around the social media and has gone viral. It happened while she was trying to get herself clicked in a white bikini in the beautiful island and untrained pigs were roaming around the beach. One annoyed pig walked up to her and bit her bottom. After being bit by one of the pig, she was followed by the other three and was rescued by her team. Also Read - 3 People Stranded on The Bahamas Island Survive 33 Days by Eating Rats & Coconuts!

However, she is not the first one to visit the island for the photoshoot along with the pigs. The island is popular among social media influencers, who often visit the place to take photos with the pigs that inhabit the island. Also Read - Over 20 Killed as Category 5 Hurricane Dorian Hits Northern Bahamas

Despite being in pain and shock, she took to her Instagram to share the video, where she can be heard screaming in Spanish. The video was shared by her on Tuesday (February 12) and has received more than five million views since then. Also Read - Hurricane Dorian Shifts From Grand Bahama, Moves Towards Florida

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In an interview with USA Today, Michelle’s husband spoke about the incident and said, “She is doing fine after getting bit and did not receive any medical attention as the bite didn’t break the skin.”

He further said, “It’s definitely off her bucket list. We understand that they are wild animals. And we’re entering their territory. It’s our own fault.”