Florida: Turns out snakes in Florida started celebrating Valentine’s day a little early! Last week, officials in Lakeland, central Florida, received reports that a large number of snakes were gathering near Lake Hollingsworth, causing quite a stir among the public. Also Read - Red Sand Boa Snake Worth Rs 1.25 Crore Rescued In Madhya Pradesh

When officials investigated, they found out that the reptiles have just gathered near the lake for a giant orgy as it’s mating season for the Florida water snake. As a result, City of Lakeland authorities were forced to partition off part of the area. Also Read - Rare Two-Headed Snake Found in West Bengal Village, Villagers Refuse to Turn it Over

To inform and alert the public, The Lakeland Parks & Recreation department wrote on its Facebook page, ”It appears they have congregated for mating. They are non-venomous and generally not aggressive as long as people do not disturb them. Once the mating is over they should go their separate ways”.

The Parks and Recreation Department also said it has put caution tape around the area and are working to hang signs letting the public know exactly what is going on.

Florida water snakes are a native species whose habitats include aquatic environments. They are generally found resting in tree limbs over water or basking on shorelines, the department said.