For the first time, the Indian Government is taking a strong stand and has revoked passports of Non-Resident Indians that have abandoned their wives. Also Read - NRIs Can Acquire 100% Equity in Air India, Says Government

The Ministry of External Affairs took measures against these people after accepting a proposal put forward by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD). Also Read - Law Ministry Not Post Office, But Stakeholder in Judicial Appointments: Prasad

The Law Ministry has accepted the proposal and in accordance with the WCD has revoked passports of people who have been convicted on legal grounds. Also Read - India Protests Against Intimidation of Guests at Iftar Party in Islamabad, Requests Pakistan to Investigate

“This is a crucial step the government has taken to curb this fast-growing menace as we are abandoned with complaints where brides are dumped by NRI grooms post weddings,” a senior WCD official was quoted saying this by the New Indian Express.

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On 15th May the Integrated Nodal Agency (INA) that deals with matrimonial issues had issued a lookout circular (LoC) that recommended a passport revocation in a case involving an NRI and conforming with the Passport Act.

As per an official statement released, “in a criminal matter involving NRIs, an LoC can be issued by the INA in case of cognizable offences, when the husband living abroad is deliberately evading arrest or not appearing in the trial court, despite non-bailable warrants and other coercive measures, or there is a likelihood that he will leave the country to evade trial or arrest.”

This comes as a relief for people suffering due to abandonment in marriages by NRIs. The government had received numerous complaints on fraud, domestic violence, children’s custody by force, non-payment of maintenance funds etc.