Udaipur: Panic gripped City Palace in Udaipur on Monday after a leopard was reported inside the palace since Sunday night. This led to a complete halt on tourist movement inside the palace.Also Read - Leopard Enters House When Family Enjoys Dinner, What Happens Next Will Surprise You

According to Rajkumar Singh, CCF, Wildlife, “The leopard entered the palace during late night hours of Sunday and went inside a gallery. A security officer saw its glimpse and immediately shut the door of the gallery to ensure it doesn’t come out.”

Forest officials were called immediately and they camped inside the palace on Sunday night. Meanwhile, the tourist movement was stopped in the palace, confirmed officials.

The forest officials tried to tranquilise the leopard but failed in all its efforts as the leopard was located at a far off distance. Forest officials then put a cage near crystal gallery in which a goat was put inside to lure him.

The leopard was finally caught and tranquilised. A Twitter user shared the pictures of the animal and wrote, “Udaipur- Panther tranquilised nearly after 22 hours. The panther had entered the City Palace during late night hours of Sunday and went inside a gallery.”

It took around 22 hours to catch the leopard.