Mumbai: We get it, the coronavirus lockdown is hard, and especially for alcohol drinkers who are finding it extremely difficult to get hold of liquor. Well, fraudsters have smelled this desperation and are now using it in order to dupe people and make money. Also Read - People in Kerala Practice Social Distancing While Buying Alcohol Outside Liquor Stores | Watch

In one such case in Mumbai, a couple from Chembur ended up losing Rs 1.03 lakh, after trying to order alcohol online, during the ongoing shutdown, The Times of India reported. Also Read - Cheers! MP to Open Women-Friendly Liquor Shops So That Ladies Can Buy Alcohol Without Inhibitions

The incident happened on March 24, when the couple unable to get liquor, found a contact number of the wine shop online. The seller of the shop asked them to pay Rs 3000 and asked for the OTP. Lo and behold, after sharing the OTP, Rs 30,000 got deducted from the victim’s account!

When the victim enquired, the seller told him that it was a mistake and offered him a refund for which another OTP was sought and given. The OTP was shared a total of 6 times and Rs 1.03 lakh was deducted.

When they called the seller back to enquire, the couple was told that the delivery cannot be done and the payment had to be done by another card, adding that they would get back their deducted money, however they didn’t.

Meanwhile, a complain has been filed with the Tilak Nagar police station against the fraud.