Paris: Adding to the list of bizarre 2020 stories is of a French baker who has been collecting woman’s urine from public toilets to bake bread! Yes, Louise Raguet, an engineer and ‘ecofeminist’ recently revealed that she regularly collects urine from public urinals for women in 14th Arrondissement of Paris and uses it in the popular “Boucle d’Or” or Goldilocks bread. Also Read - Wait, WHAT?! South Sudan Diplomat Embarrassingly Urinates During Live Zoom Discussion Panel, Twitter Left in Splits

Raguet said she dilutes the urine at least 20 times before using it to fertilise the bread. Well, she has a reason for that, which actually makes some sense, from a scientific viewpoint.

Calling urine a wonderful ‘fertilizer’, Louise Raguet says that her goal is to break the taboos over human waste and promote a sustainable food cycle. Raguet further says that going to the toilet is like flushing food potential down the drain.

“It’s a neglected liquid, usually dismissed as a waste. Should be treated like a gold mine,” Raguet was quoted by New York Post, adding that urine has nitrogen, potassium, and many other nutrients that plants extract from the soil.

According to a recent French Urban Planning Agency study, it is possible to create daily around 29 million loaves of urine-utilizing pastries. It could save farmers around 703 tons of nitrogen used in artificial fertilizers each day, the study added.

Will you eat this bread?