Friday, 13th has always been considered as an ill omen. Over the years, people have only grew more phobic towards Friday and 13th combined. So much so that scientists have given it a term- Paraskavedekatriaphobia. A per reports there are over 60 million people who are scared of the day. It is almost considered as a living nightmare. Also Read - Dabangg 3 Box Office Collection Week 1: Salman Khan Starrer Faces Good Newwz on Friday, Mints Rs 126.55 Crore

The phobia is traced back to Nordic myth where people live in the fear of being hurt or even getting killed on the day. Fear of the day began after being repeatedly subjected to catastrophic events when Friday and 13 comes together. As per popular beliefs, stepping out of one’s comfort zone can lead in getting killed. Also Read - Bhoot Part 1- The Haunted Ship Poster Out: Vicky Kaushal Adds Spookiness to Friday The 13th And THIS Poster is Proof!

The fear is so strong in some people because that they choose to be home on the day. The stigma around Friday 13th has been around since ages. One of the first instincts being 13 people around Jesus’s table for Last Supper as thirteen was unlucky number with Judas. While a lot of people laugh it off, the fear is far from joke for many. ALSO READ- Friday the 13th: These 10 Incidents that took place on the fateful day are sure to give goosebumps Also Read - Riteish Deshmukh Swooning Over Genelia D'Souza For 'Jumma Chumma' is Mushiest Thing on Internet Today!

Other incidents include when multitudes of Knights Templar were captured and tortured in France in 1307 on Friday 13 in October. Reportedly, according to Thomas Fernsler, a University of Delaware professor, the fear of the number 13 comes from it following 12, which is considered a ‘safe number’. Twelve is seen as a good and complete number as  there were 12 apostles and there are 12 months and zodiac signs. Hence, the fear of next number is high. Many residential buildings and hotels skip having a 13th floor as people consider it unlucky. ALSO READ: Friday the 13th: 6 things to know about the day that is considered as ill-omen

The number 13 is also often associated with witchcraft, as it is believed to be the number of witches you need to form a coven. In 2017 there are two Friday the 13ths, in January and October. Many natural disasters and man-made troubles have also been caused on the day increasing fear among the people. While some historians are of the opinion that when Eve bit the forbidden fruit in the Graden of Eden on the thirteenth day. There are also a number of horro movies been made on the day.