There are different kinds of animals in the world, and while some can be domesticated and reared as pets, others will always remain wild. Then there are times when these creatures can be taught to do things that they would not normally do, and though they learn how to do it, they will not always be fooled. Like a frog getting even with its master while playing mobile phone game Ant Smasher.Also Read - Watch Elderly Woman Drag King Cobra by Its Tail And Fearlessly Throw it Into The Jungle

A video that was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on his Twitter page has left people amazed at the way the frog was playing ant smasher on the smartphone its owner was holding. But what really got the attention of the viewers, was when at the end of the video, the frog decided to chomp on its owner’s thumb. Also Read - Warning! Do Not Try This at Home: Netizens Left Shocked as Man Casually Gives King Cobra a Bath

At the start, the frog can be seen expertly smashing the ants crawling on the screen, and the poor thing must have thought that they were real. As the game progressed, a pop-up suddenly appeared on the screen which halted the frog’s efforts to catch the ants. The owner reached out to tap away the pop-up, and the frog immediately latched on to his thumb making him yell out. Also Read - Adorable or Unbelievable: In Fight Between Frog And Leopard, Who do You Think Will Win?

The video, which has already got over 24k views and over 1000 likes, has also been retweeted a number of times with people commenting about the hilarious ending.

Frogs can be adorable and brave at times, and quite recently, one had taken on a leopard that was trying to claw at him. Even in this case, the frog won the fight.