Are you even Indian if your parents don’t expect you to become a doctor or engineer right from when you enter teenage and Sanjay Meriya or The Spindoctor of Divine‘s Gully Gang is no different but the Indian hip-hop DJ returned to his old profession of community service amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Developing a passion for rap while studing medicine, Sanjay Meriya rode on the back of his parents expectations, got the medical degree and worked as a general physician at a hospital for many years before turning into full-time DJ since 2017.Also Read - Delhi to Lift Weekend Curfew, Curbs on Markets Soon; Final Decision Tomorrow

Looks like destiny has the best in store for the multi-talented 30-year-old. After playing alongside hip-hop legends like Tyga and DJ Stretch Armstrong, The Spindoctor very recently switched from checking microphones to checking temperatures of the patients. Prior to coronavirus spoiling everyones big plans for 2020, The Spindoctor had a 10-city US tour lined up for March apart from a plethora of new releases. However, the DJ did not succumb to the choas and turned it in his favour as he stepped out on the frontlines to help combat COVID-19. Also Read - Study Finds Way to Get Super Immunity Against Covid-19

In an interview with VICE, The Spindoctor shared, “I took a lifelong oath to serve humanity. When the coronavirus outbreak happened in India, everyone’s biggest fear was not having enough doctors. So I decided to dedicate my time and help my country overcome this crisis.” Spotting an ad by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), he quickly signed up for helping in screening patients at a makeshift clinic in Mumbai’s Andheri East and Goregaon ward while waiting to hear back from India’s health ministry. Also Read - Singapore Records Low International Arrivals in 2021, Shows Signs of Recovery

The Spindoctor had initially signed up to help out through the health ministry’s online portal but now has been working since the past month to screen patients with symptoms who came to the designated clinics to be tested. He told the news agency, “I screen more than 100 patients with symptoms everyday, out of which about 20 are sent for the test, after which at least four or five come out as positive. It’s sad and scary to face this everyday, but we’re fortunate to have social workers and NGOs who help out with necessary contributions like providing food to people. Being on the field is chaotic, but never as chaotic as what I see on my Facebook.”

Behind the hazmat suits and protective gear, The Spindoctor has kept his identity hidden from fans to save distraction. Apart from serving on the frontline, The Spindoctor is working on new remixes and songs alongside apart from livestreaming his sets on music-related pages like Vh1, Sunburn and Shark & Ink.

This is one of the bravest and most uplifting stories we have come across ever since the pandemic gloom engulfed us. Hope it peps up your mood too!