New Delhi: Social-media platform Twitter may have become a political battlefield and an arena for troll armies for many. But, Indian women are indulging in a range of conversations on Twitter. From making use of their time on Twitter by sharing their passions and interests, Indian women are also talking about fashion, books, beauty, entertainment and food. Passion points and interests have emerged as the top conversation theme among women in India, with a 24.9 per cent share, Twitter revealed on Friday. Current affairs (20.8 per cent), celebratory moments (14.5 per cent), communities (11.7 per cent) and social change (8.7 per cent) also featured in the top five conversation themes among women on Twitter.Also Read - Postpone NEET UG 2022: Aspirants on Twitter Urge NTA to Delay Medical Exam. Check What Concerns Them

Nine dominant conversational themes emerged from an in-depth look at the 522,992 tweets by 7,839 women’s accounts between January 2019 and February 2021 in 10 Indian cities, along with a separate survey of 700 women. Also Read - Delhi Rains: Flights Delayed For Second Day at IGI Airport, Airlines Issue Passenger Advisory | Tweets Inside

“We commissioned this research to build our understanding about women on Twitter and were inspired by the results. These insights show us that Twitter is for every woman,” said Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director at Twitter India. Also Read - The Subtle Sexism of Salman Khan's Tweet to Boxing Champion Nikhat Zareen!

Their communities and conversations highlight the uniqueness and diversity of the service.

“Access to a free and open Internet has made it possible for everyone to express themselves freely without barriers. As a service our goal is to build on this foundation, giving people new ways to converse, form communities and control who can interact with them in a conversation,” he noted.

While conversations around everyday chatter and celebratory moments saw the highest engagement in terms of average number of Likes and replies per tweet, passion points and interests, communities and shared challenges were the most retweeted categories.

While Chennai led conversations around celebratory moments, creative showcase and everyday chatter, Bengaluru dominated chatter around communities, social change and shared challenges and Guwahati fronted conversations around passion points and interests and current affairs.

“From the research, we know that one of the main reasons women (24.9 per cent) come to Twitter is to pursue their interests, and represent their passions,” Twitter said.

Within this category are those who seek content on fashion, books, beauty, movies and TV, music, food, technology, art and sports.

Nearly 41 per cent women said they discovered a new interest on Twitter.

Some women in India use Twitter to express their personal inhibitions and fears.

“These conversations are informal, intimate and raw, demanding people’s attention. These women find strength in being able to communicate freely. In fact, 39 per cent of women surveyed feel that Twitter provides them with freedom of expression,” the micro-blogging platform said.

(With IANS inputs)