New Delhi: 2020 is finally here and people around the world have their own special way of welcoming the new year.Also Read - 'Welcome 2020': PM Modi, President Kovind and Other Leaders Extend New Year Wishes to Citizens

No, we aren’t talking about the customary champagne popping, fireworks or the countdown ritual, but the various quirky and unique ways that countries adopt to make the day memorable. Also Read - Ileana D'Cruz Rings in New Year 2020 by Beach Side, Pens Emotional Note of Gratitude For Loved Ones

Here are the 12 most interesting New Year’s traditions from around the world: Also Read - Happy New Year: Google Takes Leap Into 2020 With Doodle of Froggy The Weather Frog Catching Sunrise

Ireland- Throwing Bread

People of Ireland throw bread at their walls to ward off evil spirits and prove national hunger is no longer in existence.

Spain-Eating grapes

As soon as the clock strikes 12, the Spanish quickly eat twelve grapes, one at each strike of the clock. Each grape is said to represent a month of the year and gobbling the lot is believed to bring 12 months of good luck.

South Africa- Throwing out furniture

To mark the start of a fresh year, it has become tradition to throw old furniture out of the window on December 31.

Philippines- Round things

People wear polka dots clothes on New Year’s Eve, fill their pockets with coins and eat round fruits in an attempt to attract wealth. They have belief that circular things attract more fortune and money.

Denmark- Breaking crockery

The Danish collect dishes all the year around and throw them at the front door on the New Year’s Eve, the more the broken plates, the more friends one shall have in the New Year.

Equador- Burning scarecrows

In Equador, people welcome the new year by burning scarecrows and photographs from the last year at midnight so they can start afresh.

Chile – Celebrating with the dead

As a mark of respect to their loved ones, people in Chile often spend New Year’s Eve sleeping in the graveyard in which their deceased relatives are resting.

Brazil and Mexico- Wear colourful underwear

In some Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Mexico, your fortunes for the year ahead, is determined by the colour of your underwear. It is believed that yellow underwear will bring prosperity and success, red will bring love, white will bring peace and harmony, while green will bring good health.

Japan-108 Rings

Before the clock strikes 12, the Japanese ring 108 bells to show that the all 108 troubles have been eliminated.

Switzerland – Dropping Ice cream

In Switzerland, people celebrate the New Year by dropping ice cream on the floor, as it is thought to bring, overflowing abundance in the coming year.

Estonia- Eating 7 times

People of Estonia eat a whopping seven times on New Year’s Day to ensure abundance in the new year.

Colombia- Suitcases 

As the clock strikes 12, Colombians grab their suitcases and run around the block as fast as they can, in hopes of having a travel filled year.