New Delhi: Even though she died in 1996, the predictions of Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian mystic are still coming true today.Also Read - From Vladimir Putin's Assassination Attempt to Mega Tsunami Striking The World, Here are Baba Vanga's Predictions For 2019

For the uninitiated, Baba Vanga, sometimes called the Nostradamus of the Balkans, foretold major world events in a series of mystical predictions, as far forward as 5079. Vanga is rumoured to have predicted the 9/11 terror attacks, on the World Trade Centre in New York, twelve years prior in 1989. Also Read - Blind Mystic Baba Vanga, Who Predicted 9/11 And Brexit, Has Made Two Major Predictions For 2018

Vanga had also predicted the rise of ISIS and said that America’s 44th president would be African-American.

After some of her pronouncements came true, she has now become a cult figure among conspiracy theorists. Now that 2019 is nearing its end, Baba Vanga’s predictions are now creating buzz and curiosity again.

Here are her major predictions for 2020:

1. According to her theories, Russian president Vladimir Putin will survive an assassination attempt and the assassin will be a member of his own security team.

2. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, could also succumb to a mysterious disease and will apparently suffer from tinnitus, severe nausea, hearing loss and even a brain tumour.

3. Europe will witness an ‘invasion of the Muslim extremists’ and that the continent will face chemical attacks from the ‘Muslim invaders’.

4. Soon after UK leaves the European Union (EU), Europe will be struck by a massive economic crisis.

5. A giant meteorite will hit Russia

It’s been said that Vanga mysteriously lost her eyesight at the age of 12 during a massive storm and that’s when her visions and ability to see the future began.