Medical Researchers warn in a new study that the shelves of Australian supermarket are full of products making us fat and sick. Six out of ten Australian packaged foods are highly or ultra-processed, more than half are discretionary/junk foods and only one third are healthy, according to an analysis by Sydney’s George Institute for Global Health, an independent medical research centre. Also Read - Australia Women's Cricket Team Sets a World Record of 22 Consecutive ODI Wins

A study took place where the researchers examined more than 40,000 packaged food items ranging from breads, to sauces, confectionery, canned foods, oils and dairy products. They determined their Health Star Rating (HSR), whether they were core or discretionary products and the extent of their processing. They also looked at the proportion of foods meeting reformulation targets for sodium, saturated fat and sugar. Also Read - Wipro Buys Australian Firm Ampion For ₹ 858 crore

They found that 53 per cent of the Australian packaged food supply is comprised of discretionary products — energy dense and nutrient-poor foods such as sweetened soft drinks/cordials/flavoured waters, biscuits, chocolate, meat pies, butter and salty snacks. Just 47 per cent are considered core foods — including fruit and veg, legumes, nuts and seeds, cereal grains, lean meats, fish and dairy products — which the Australian Dietary Guidelines say should make up the majority of our diet. Also Read - In Loving Memory of Sushant Singh Rajput, Benches in Australia’s Park Named After Late Actor

61 per cent were found to be ultra-processed, 18 per cent moderately processed and 21 per cent less processed foods. Almost all (98 per cent) convenience foods — including ready-to-eat meals, pre-prepared sauces or dressings, canned or processed meats, frozen meals and desserts — fell in the ultra-processed category.