New Delhi: Controversial self-styled godman Nithyananda, who fled the country after facing allegations of rape and wrongful confinement of children in his ashram, announced in a recent video that visa and flight services will soon be started for his own ‘Hindu sovereign nation’ called Kailasa. Also Read - After Unveiling Reserve Bank, Fugitive Godman Nithyananda Now Plans to Set up Hindu Parliament of Kailaasa in 6 Months 

To visit the mysterious island nation, Kailasa visa-holders will have to travel from Australia aboard a newly launched private chartered flight service ‘Garuda’, Nithyananda said in a video of a ‘special satsang’ posted on his verified Facebook account on December 14. Also Read - Rape Accused, Fugitive Godman Nithyananda Launches Reserve Bank of Kailasa on Ganesh Chaturthi 2020

In the video, also shared on Kailasa’s official website, he said, “Today, you can start applying for Kailasa visa. You have to reach Australia on your own. From Australia, Kailasa has its own chartered flight services.” Also Read - Officials Probing Nithyananda Case Booked For Showing Porn To Children

The controversial ‘godman’, who fled India to escape arrest in a rape trial in 2019, urged visitors to stay in the ‘country’ for not more than three days, during which they will be allowed one ‘Darshan’ of ‘Param Shiva’. “Please do not ask for more than a three-day visa. Kailasa can accommodate anyone only for three days for now,” he added.

The godman said that all visitors will be provided with free food and accommodation during the course of their stay. While travellers will have to make their own arrangements to arrive in Australia, airfare to and from Kailasa will be covered by Nithyananda’s organisation, he added.

Almost a year ago, reports emerged that he has created a Hindu nation, Kailasa, with its own flag and political setup, on an island near Ecuador. The ‘nation’ has its own flag and passport. Nityananda is the ‘Supreme Pontiff’ of Kailasa, and one can become a citizen by being a “practising Hindu” or “Hindu who would like to deepen their practice”.

Its official website claims that Kailasa offers a “safe haven to all the world’s practising, aspiring or persecuted Hindus…where they can peacefully live and express their spirituality, arts, and culture free from denigration, interference and violence”. It is referred to as the “World’s Greatest Digital Hindu Nation”.

There have been many speculations about whether Kailasa is an actual place, with real physical boundaries.