The language of fashion does not come that easily. For a matter of fact, fashion sense may click you easily but not their pronunciation. It is a bit difficult to know which word carries what stress and where, a wrong stress and you are fashion disaster. Also Read - Ranveer Singh Shares Hilarious ‘Avant-Garde’ Childhood Picture, Deepika Padukone Has A Priceless Reaction

In this video by Mohawk, they go out asking girls to read out loud 5 fashion terms and the later part is hilarious. Words like ‘Haute Couture’ got funny answers while some girls struggled with ‘Faux Pas’. Other managed to get somewhere near the right stresses for ‘Brassiere’ and ‘Chic.’ Also Read - Sonam Kapoor birthday special: Here are 10 looks of 2017 that only this style diva can pull off!

Later part of the exercise was the funniest. Although ‘Chic’ is used to describe a hot girl these days, it literally means elegantly and stylishly fashionable. The definition of Mannequin was ripped apart with the newest definition it received which said that it defines a girl who went out of her way and will do anything. Well it s a dummy used to display clothes in a store. Haute Couture was defined as a girl who would dress up fashionably to gain attention. Also Read - Jay Z first rapper to feature in Songwriters Hall of Fame

Watch the video to see some of the fashion terms being pronounced in a funnier way