Game of Thrones Season 8 is going to premiere today in the rest of the world while the fans in India can watch it live on Hotstar Premium at 6:30 am tomorrow, April 15, and on HBO later in the day. For the ardent GoT fans, it’s like the great moment they have been waiting for the last two years ever since HBO announced that the last season of the fantasy show will be aired in 2019.Also Read - Congratulations! Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Are Expecting Their Second Baby

For the ones who are still living under the rock – basically, the ones who don’t know why the show has created a frenzy and a separate universe all together for its fans, it’s easy to understand the entire story from the inclusion and exclusion of one main character – Jon Snow. He dies and was resurrected in season 6 and he’s actually the real heir of the iron throne (for which everyone is fighting for) even though he is himself unaware of this. Jon Snow is arguably the most loved characters by the viewers, though some felt cringe and relatively awkward when it was revealed that he has been having sex with his aunt Daenerys albeit without knowing that she is his aunt. Also Read - Good News For Game of Thrones Fans: Northern Ireland Offers a Special GOT Tour

Before the first episode of the much-anticipated season 8 of Game of Thrones hit the screens, it’s just good to know about all the theories about Jon Snow’s death and life the fans are obsessed with. Also Read - Squid Game Crushes Game of Thrones' Content on YouTube With 17 Billion Views

Why Jon Snow Will Probably Die:
The producers had already revealed last year that no one is safe in the final battle of Westeros when Ned Stark himself lost his head in the season one itself. Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, is the hero of the series and you know how it happens in Bollywood movies – a lead actor’s death is a heroic death. He dies saving the world or for a cause. The same can happen with Jon Snow. Since it’s the final battle, the man can sacrifice his life while fighting for his loved ones (read Daenerys). Also, because he is in love with Daenerys and she wants to acquire the throne, Jon Snow might just make the way clear for her to get the crown after knowing that it’s him who’s actually entitled to sit on the throne. Basically, being kind and nice!

Why Jon Snow Will Probably Live:
As mentioned above, he is the hero of the series and everyone loves him. Wouldn’t it be too harsh and insensitive for the makers to kill the character and leave the fans mourning his death for all the years to come? Jon has already risen from death once and even though he has asked Melisandre to not perform the magic to make him come alive again if he dies in future, it will be really really disappointing to see his resurrection actually going wasted when death was what his fate had. Plus he is the rightful ruler of the iron throne and haven’t we learned that the truth always prevails and that good always wins over evil?

Another strong reason behind his survival is the fact that Jon Snow is both a Stark and a Targaryen, which means he’s a perfect amalgamation of ice and fire. The name of the book by George RR Martin – A Song of Ice and Fire, that contains the entire epic fantasy series, is the biggest clue of Jon’s survival till the end of the series. Isn’t it?

So, for all Indians who are rooting for Jon’s life in Game of Thrones 8, let’s use ‘jive jive Jon Snow’ as our cheer anthem!