The Geminids meteor shower and the perseid meteor shower are typically the most beautiful meteor showers that could be experienced by the sky gazers.The Geminids were observable from December 4, 2015. But the peak will be between December 13-14. It is said to be one of the best meteor showers of the year, shows up to 100-150 meteors per hour. The sky gazers can relax and recline in a chair and look up in the dark sky to experience and enjoy the Geminid shower. In India the peak for the Geminids shower 2015 is on December 13 and 14. You can watch the dazzling shower in between 9.00 pm to 4.00 am IST on both the dates.

We share with you some easy tips to enjoy the Geminids shower. You can watch the Geminids shower by facing the eastern sky, but make sure you chose a dark location, many streetlights and other manmade lights will kill the experience, the darker the better view. Be patient and keep looking the eastern part of the sky in the late evening. Relax and enjoy. Also Read - Rare Spectacle of Meteor Flying Across & Exploding in the Sky Leaves the Internet Stunned, Video Crosses 3 Million Views | Watch

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They occur when the Earth passes through a debris stream of a rocky comet or an asteroid. This s the reason why the Geminids are so bright, they take longer to burn up into the atmosphere. After the August Perseid meteor shower, this is one of the celestial experience that you should be gearing up for.
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