Circuses around the world have been under the scanner for using animals such as elephants, lions, tigers among others to perform dangerous acts and tricks. An appeal to boycott animals from using animals in the circus acts to perform unnatural tricks. Countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland and Mexico have already been banned in the circuses. Now, a German circus has taken a new initiative to fight animal cruelty and entertain their audience with the acts. The circus has replaced the animals with beautiful 3D holograms instead. Also Read - Emraan Hashmi on Sushant Singh Rajput's Death Case: My Heart Goes to The Family, It Has Turned Into Toxic Social Media Circus

German circus named Roncalli has now become the first of its type to incorporate 3D holograms of animals in their acts and tricks. It has partnered with Bluebox and Optoma to create magnificent and beautiful projections to recreate 3D hologram acts that one might not see at the traditional circus. Also Read - 'Humlog Won't Go to Nukkad': Mumbai Police Uses Old DD Show Titles To Urge People to Stay Home

Now, a video from their circus show has gone viral on social media. Many netizens have applauded the initiative by the circus that started in 1976. Many social media users called the act ‘magical’ and ‘stunning’. Also Read - 11 Doordarshan TV Shows Scheduled For Re-telecast Amid Lockdown- Check List

German TV anchor Max Schautzer said in the Optoma video, “The new circus which leads us into a new age, unfortunately, the ‘old’ circus has gotten a bit dusty, but this is how the circus can remain alive,”

Watch the video here:

Circus moderator, Katja Burkard said, “I find the hologram very contemporary, especially the fact there are no animals involved is very good.”

Herrmann Buhlbecker said, “Some of the acts would have been impossible to imagine in the old days and they have been perfectly transferred to new times. A good example that not only a chocolate factory but also a circus and everyone else needs to keep up with the times. And I think it has been carried out in a fantastic way”

Janine Kunze, spokesperson of the circus said, “You actually remember the circus, especially, Roncalli, with horses and dogs, they always used to be a part of it, and I think they really included it well. Also, in the beginning when they told the story in a new kind of way.”