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Have you ever had a paranormal experience? A lot of people in Delhi NCR went through such experience when they found a ghost in a white saree roaming on the streets of the capital city. Woman in white saree is a common character of any horror movie. In this video the same has been repeated. Also Read - YouTube Withdraws Misleading Content About COVID-19 Vaccine

The video footage has gone viral in which a ghost is seen wandering in white saree in national capital spreading fear among passerby. Though the video seems to be scary but it actually makes you laugh when you see weird looks and hilarious reactions of the onlookers. Also Read - Odisha Man Learns Robbery Techniques From YouTube, Loots 2 Banks to Repay His Loans

The video also shows people stop themselves at a distance from her and even run away when they see the woman walking on the road.

The prank video is made to create humour through the reactions of the people when they notice a woman in white saree walking in night. But it fails to generate maximum comedy out of it. In India where majority still believes in ghost story, such prank should have been better than this.