New Delhi: Owners of New Delhi’s ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ who shot to fame on social media after their heartbreaking video went viral have received an outpouring of love and support from citizens. Now, a Delhi-based doctor also did his bit and provided free cataract treatment to the couple.Also Read - After 'Baba Ka Dhaba', Help Pours in For Elderly Man Who Sells Plants on The Roadside in Bengaluru

Twitter user, Vasundhara Tankha Sharma mentioned that after the video was initially shared, her friend’s father, who is an ophthalmologist, noticed that the elderly couple have cataract.

Sharing pictures of the procedure, she said that the doctor has given Kanta and Badami the gift of clear sight at his clinic in Delhi. Notably, the doctor’s name is Samir Sud who works at the Sharp Sight Eye Hospital.

”My friend’s father (who is a doctor) saw #BabaKaDhaba go viral and realised both Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi have cataract. He gave them both the gift of clear eyesight today. Thank you so much, sir!!! Touching to see the continued act of kindness,” she tweeted.

See the pic here:

The heart-warming gesture of the doctor was appreciated by many on Twitter. One user wrote, ”May these acts of selflessness, kindness and humanity spread throughout India, in these tough times. Thank you too!”

Another wrote, ”Happy to hear that Baba & Dadi got the necessary medical care. Good wishes to Doctor Saab. May God bless him.”

Here are other reactions:

Notably, a video of Kanta Prasad weeping as he is not able to sell food and earn enough to make ends, made many on social media emotional as they pledged to help him out. In a massive display of support and solidarity, many visited the eatery in large numbers.

Soon after, their story inspired a new social media trend wherein netizens shared similar stories of people’s struggle, with an aim to help them out and support local vendors.