In what can be easily passed off as the worst of nightmares for any girl, this shocking video posted on YouTube channel Unique Fact named – ‘World worst water park girls stripped molested fingered Vietnam’ redefines the term sexual assault. In an absolute horrifying video clip, which went viral depicts the incident where a girl as brutally molested by group of 70-80 men in a water park in Vietnam. The ordeal for the poor harassed girl did not end with molestation and cat calling. The guys tore off her bikini and stripped naked with men ‘fingering’ her underwater while they masturbated!  Also Watch: This girl stripped to bra & underwear in public to promote body acceptance! Watch powerful video. Also Read - Cartel TikTok: Various Drug Mafia From Mexico Go Live on TikTok, Post Videos of Guns, Drugs & Money

The unfortunate incident took place when around 70-80 guys attacked every girl that came in the lazy pool. They started off with splashing water at them and later groped them, tearing off their bikini. Their animalistic behavior did not end here as they continued with their horrendous act that resulted in almost drowning the girl. Also Read: This man who masturbated at a foreigner in broad daylight goes viral on Internet! See picture. Also Read - Shona Shona: Sidharth Shukla-Shehnaaz Gill Normalise Sexual Harassment in Song Laced With Sexist Lyrics

The girls who shouted for help were hardly attended by the water park organizers. Instead, the manager refused of any such ‘sexual harassment’ incident taking place. They blamed the girls for wearing bikini in the water park. One the many victims of this traumatic event recounted her experience through an anonymous post, writing, “We were holding onto the swim ring at the lazy river for about 3 minutes. Then we heard a commotion at the back, as we turned around we saw hundreds of boys crowded the whole river, screaming and going towards the three of us. I was shock [sic] and choked on water, many arms pushed my head down.” Also Read: This Facebook creep’s comment explains sorry mindset towards breastfeeding mothers! Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Police Praised for Making Men Squat on Road for Sexually Harassing Women

The anonymous post further read “I felt my breast and my private area being grab [sic] and pull and scratch very painful [sic], my butt was groped too. My bikini top was pull [sic] up to my neck and the bottom was pull [sic] till my knee. Even though i was choking, but i felt clearly someone was fingering me, my legs was spread apart. My head was still pressed down, I was out of breath and I thought I was going to drown. The water go up my nose to my brain, my throat. Those arms scratch [sic] and pull me up, my head hit the coping. Then there was people grab my hair [sic], my arm to pull out of the swimming pool. I was coughing really hard so I didn’t even realize I was completely naked…”

Watch this horrifying video and decide how such spineless assholes should be dealt with! Instead they should just be hanged. Also: Shocking! This man sent her a photo of his penis on Facebook. She made his genitals famous!