An alleged harasser was beaten up by a girl in front of cops inside a police station. The incident took place in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh where a girl thrashed an alleged eve-teaser inside a police station. Here is a video that is said to be shot by a cop. In the video, a girl is seen beating a boy who used to harass continuously her and pass abusive comments on students passing. The girl continuously slapped and hit the accused. She even forced him to touch her feet. Also Read - UP Govt Lifts Ban On Entry of Poultry Products, Says Chicken, Eggs Not Dangerous if Cooked at 70°C

However, the act of the boy is morally and legally incorrect but he should be treated as per the laws. The anger of the victim is natural but she should not have taken the law into her hands. What shocking is the incident took place in the presence of police and they didn’t even intervene. (Watch also: Shocking! Woman stripped by gang of 5 in public – video goes viral) Also Read - Two UP Constables Caught Running 'Sex Racket' Inside Police Outpost in Pilibhit, Suspended

The law and order situation has become worse in the Samajwadi Party ruled Uttar Pradesh. If the police had taken necessary steps to stop eve-teasing, a girl would not have taken law in her hands. An inquiry should be ordered if the video is shot by a policeman and regarding the officer who stood silently when the incident happened.