Girls, do you talk to your father about your periods? This video urges you to!Also Read - 5 Home Remedies That May Help Soothe Menstrual Pain

Many viral videos and short films have been made to create awareness about menstruation, what we call in slang – ‘periods’. We’ve shared some of these films with you, including the recent one of sanitary napkins brand Sofy under the YouTube name Sofy Conversations. The latest video about the monthly cycle is made by Whisper India and was released ahead of Father’s Day 2015. Also Read - Menstruation: Top Menstrual Myths And Facts We Need To Unlearn Today, Watch Video

In this video titled 10 girls, 4 questions, 1 revelation #LetsTalkPeriod, Whisper India interviews 10 girls asks them questions about their fathers. While the girls are all peppy and positive about their relationship with their father, once they hear Whisper’s main question, their expression changes. What does the sanitary napkin brand ask them that scares them so much? Also Read - 4 Tips to Reduce Period Bloating as Suggested by a Nutritionist

Whisper asks them if they have ever talked to their fathers about their periods! And not one girl answers in the positive. It’s true that a girl is most comfortable talking about her periods with her mother, sister or her female friends. But times are changing and some women do talk freely with their father or brother about it. Whisper wants to encourage just that through this video that is part of their #LetsTalkPeriod campaign. A good way to remove the taboo, we feel!