When appearing for any kind of interview, some can breeze through it with confidence, while others can find it to be a harrowing time that leaves them feeling drained. For those appearing for a job interview, it can be especially tedious with all the questions and comments being thrown at them by the interviewer. One such incident involved a young girl, who after being bullied at the interview, decided she would not take the job and instead shared her ordeal on Twitter where her story went viral. Also Read - Styling Tips For Interview: What to Wear to Look Confident And Different From The Rest

Olivia Bland, a 22-year-old writer, had taken to Twitter to reveal that she had appeared for an interview with the CEO of a company called Web Applications UK, and that by the end of it, she was left in tears. In the tweet, she wrote about how during the interview CEO Craig Dean kept on telling her that she was an underachiever, making her feel worthless. She stated how, after a 2-hour interview, in which Craig tore both her and her writing to shreds, she was offered the job. Also Read - This Employer Made Candidates Wait For Over 12 Hours For An Interview. Know Why

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Her tweet has got a good number of responses, with many telling her that she was brave to speak out and not take the job. Her tweet has so far got over 1 lakh likes and has been retweeted over 35,000 times. Check out some of the messages below.

Web Applications UK got back to her saying that they had conducted an investigation and nothing of the sort she has mentioned had happened during the interview.