Trentino: In an effort to prevent the Presena glacier in Northern Italy from melting due to global warming, a team of conservationists has begun the process of laying vast tarpaulin sheets to cover over 100,000 sq metres of the giant glacier. The six-week process is repeated every year once the ski season is over and summer begins in full force, as per an AFP report.Also Read - 'Emperors Are Naked. Every Single One': Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg Makes Strong Statements, Spills Beans on Her Lockdown Activities

This area is continuously shrinking, so we cover as much of it as possible,” Carosello Tonale head Davide Panizza told AFP.

The coverings are “geotextile tarpaulins that reflect sunlight, maintaining a temperature lower than the external one, and thus preserving as much snow as possible,” he further said.

Notably, the Presena glacier has lost more than one-third of its volume since 1993.

Pictures and videos show workers unrolling the sheets in long strips as they move it methodically down the mountain and sew them together to ensure warm drafts do not slip underneath. Bags of sand then act as anchors against the wind.

Many took to Twitter to share the pictures of the tarpaulin-covered glaciers and express their concerns on the climate crisis:

It’s an arduous process as it takes the team six weeks to install these tarps which cost up to 400 euros ($450) each. More so, it takes them another six weeks to remove them before winter sets in again.