In a mysterious incident that has baffled people, a Colombian woman who had been missing for two years was found floating alive in the sea by fishermen on Saturday. 46-year-old Angelica Gaitan was found unconscious and suffering from hypothermia off the coast of Colombia.Also Read - Bhopal Shocker: Senior IPS Officer Beats His Wife After She Catches Him With Another Woman, Video Goes Viral

In dramatic footage of her rescue, fisherman Rolando Visbal and his friend can be seen manoeuvring their vessel toward the woman, who appears unresponsive. Initially, they mistook her for a piece of driftwood until she raised her hands to signal for help, The Sun reported.

However, she was unable to reply as she was visibly exhausted and suffering from hypothermia after staying afloat for more than eight hours. The duo finally managed to pull her out where she was tended to by locals before being taken to the hospital.

After being rescued her first words were “I was born again, God did not want me to die.”

Overcome with emotion, she later revealed how she decided to run away in 2018 after suffering domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-husband.

“The abuse began in the first pregnancy. He beat me, he violently abused me. In my second pregnancy, the abuse continued and I could not get away from him because the girls were small, ”Gaitan told RCN radio, reported by NY Post.

“I did not want to continue with my life. I wanted to end everything, I had no help from anywhere not even from my family because this man kept me away from my social circle, that’s why I didn’t want to continue living.”

She said she decided to “jump into the sea” but does not remember anything after that as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Gaitan’s disappearance and rescue.