This video is an amazing documented form of video how River Ganga or Ganges is more than just a river, yet how it is ever degrading from the holy sanctity. It is a home to all forms of life; the water goddess is a living, and breathing entity. She is worshipped at the heart of India. The Ganges holds eminence in the ritual beliefs of India as far as the cycle of life and death is concerned.Also Read - Namami Gange Creates Guinness World Record For Most Photos With Handwritten Notes on Facebook

This video series tracks the life-giver of India, the Ganga, on a mission to find out what makes this river so sacred and who the people are to protect it. Even though the Ganga is the most sacred, she is the most exploited. Unfortunately we have treated the sacred river like an object and used it mercilessly. Also Read - Delhi: DGCA Orders Reducing Height of 4 Vasant Kunj Buildings, Leaves Residents Worried

Even as millions of people worship the goddess Ganga, she is a goddess in distress. The Ganga is the most polluted river in the world. Large parts of the river are now dry; sand is extracted from the plains, and a concoction of sludge and toxic waste is dumped into the water body. Also Read - Bodies of COVID-19 Victims Dumped in Ganga Floating From Uttar Pradesh to Bengal: Mamata Banerjee

Clearly the Ganga is dying at every step of its journey. Follow her journey through this video by the CNN-IBN team. You can experience faith and the power of belief over centuries unfolding through this documentation. Watch video below.