Needless to say, dogs are the world’s most admirable and adorable creatures, winning our hearts with their playfulness and innocent eyes. Recently, a dog in Kolkata is being hailed as a superhero after he donated his blood to save another canine’s life.Also Read - Dogs Illegally Being Transported to Nagaland to Be Sold As Meat, Enraged Twitter Says 'Stop This Brutality'

According to a report published in The Times of India, actor Anindya Chaterjee’s 13-year-old Labrador Siya donated blood for a 13-year-old Spitz, Danny, who came to Kolkata from Chennai for treatment.

Danny suffers from a kidney problem and blood was required for its treatment.

“He has chronic renal failure and as a result he needs blood. We don’t often get blood donors as there are limitations of awareness and also because treatment is comparatively new in Kolkata. We are glad we got a donor for Danny,” Dr Debajit Roy, a vet in Kolkata, told The Times of India.

He further emphasised that the practice of blood donation by dogs is not common as there is very limited awareness about it.

Actor Anindya Chatterjee, meanwhile, said that Siya was pretty cool about donating her blood to Danny and expressed that he is proud of her.

Recently, another similar story of a dog named Jax who helped sick puppy by donating his blood went viral.

Posted on the Facebook group ‘Dogspotting Society’, Jennifer Fowler ‎wrote, ”I’m a vet tech and this is my baby Jax who was called in to donate blood for a puppy that needed an emergency blood transfusion at our clinic today and he sat like an angel for the whole bag! He saved the puppy’s life and I’m so proud of my handsome baby boy! I think he was pretty proud too.”