On March 30, this year Good Friday will be observed all over the world. This is a very sad day for Christians. Lord Jesus was crucified on a wooden cross by the Roman soldiers. In different countries this day is also known as Great Friday, Easter Friday, Holy Friday or Black Friday. But the question here is different! If this day is so bad and sorrowful then why it is termed as “Good” Friday?! So, basically, the Christians observe ‘Good Friday in such way that as if something awful, sad and terrible happened. But they believe that Lord Jesus gave up his life for the good of the people. Also Read - Sooryavanshi Release Date: Is The 'Police' Coming on April 2 Now?

The crucifixion of Jesus was really painful, and it is still remembered in Jerusalem as Roman soldiers crucified Jesus to a wooden cross. So, the Christians do not celebrate on Good Friday, they remember his suffering, his journey as he was abandoned by his father and then about the injustice of his execution. Overall it was a horrible event. But on another perspective, they believe that the cross event was a defeat of sin, death of evil and a triumph. The word ‘Good’ in good Friday means divine or pious. It is also believed that whatever good happened to all the people it is because of the cross. (Also Read: Good Friday 2018: Importance, Significance And History Of This Holy Day) Also Read - Pride And Love: Israel on Path to Have Record Number of Openly Gay MPs

But the entire period from Good Friday to Easter Sunday is significant. The Christians do not celebrate this day, there is no decoration, no mass in the church. Shops remain close, horse riding, dancing, boozing everything is restricted on that day. Devotees grieve for two days and keep fast as well. Also Read - Good Friday 10 April 2020: Are Banks Open Today? Know Here

What is the logic behind eating fish and avoiding meat on Good Friday?

On Good Friday, avoiding meat is one of the oldest traditions of the day. As per as the Christianity, Jesus sacrificed his flesh for our sins, so followers should refrain from consuming meaty flesh on Good Friday. So, they eat fish during this day because it is perceived to be a different kind of flesh as it comes from the sea. Even when their religion was banned, the Christians used a fish-shaped secret symbol to identify each other.

After observing Good Friday, the Christians starts preparing for the celebration of Easter Sunday. It is believed that Jesus rose after three days from his crucifixion and thus, it is a festival of joy. On Easter Sunday, special programmes being organised at the churches across the world.