New Delhi: Search engine, Google, is celebrating its 23rd birthday on Monday. To mark the special occasion, the company has shared an adorable doodle of a cake on its homepage. The Google doodle features the letters of “Google” covered in chocolate frosting and sprinkles. The letter “l” is a flickering candle that sits atop a two-tiered cake, on which “23” is written. After a few seconds, the bottom tier of the cake is revealed to have a goofy, cartoon face, as an arm reaches out to lift the top tier as if saying hello. However, in reality, today’s Google doodle is an animated feature that one can see here.Also Read - Jio Phone Next: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Reveals Big Details Ahead of Launch

In some parts of the world, Google is also celebrating its 23rd birthday with special deals from the Google Store. These deals will also unlock a promotional item/discount to be used when the Pixel 6 launches, presumably next month. Also Read - Google Doogle Pays Tribute to Otto Wichterle, The Czech Chemist Who Invented Soft Contact Lens

Google, as a company, was technically founded on September 4, 1998 — with the search engine’s history actually dating back into 1996 — the company has, perhaps arbitrarily, chosen September 27 as the day to traditionally celebrate its birthday. Also Read - Tesla Goes Past $1 Trillion Market Value For First Time Ever, Joins Elite Club Of Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook

It’s said that one chance encounter can change the course of your life. In Google’s case, a chance encounter between two computer scientists changed the course of the Internet and the lives of millions. In 1997, Sergey Brin, a graduate student at Stanford University, just so happened to be assigned to show Larry Page, who was considering Stanford for graduate school at the time, around campus. By the next year, the two Google co-founders were building a search engine together in their dorm rooms and developing their first prototype. In 1998, Google Inc. was officially born.

Every day, there are billions of searches on Google in more than 150 languages around the globe, and while much has changed from the early days of Google, from its first server housed in a cabinet built out of toy blocks to its servers now being housed in more than 20 data centers globally, its mission of making the world’s information accessible to everyone remains the same.