Beginning of Spring 2020: Google Doodle denotes the beginning of Spring in India with Spring 2020 Doodle on March 19, 2020. Spring in India starts on March 20 and goes on until 21 June, marking when the days start to abbreviate as it warms towards summer. It’s also a day where there is almost 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness because the sun is passing directly over the equator. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Google Urges People to Stay Safe, Save Lives With Doodle

Spring is the season after winter and before summer. In Northern Hemisphere, plants grow and flowers bloom. In many parts of the world, it rains for hours. Also Read - Google Pays Tribute to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, First Person to Discover Benefits of Hand Washing

Spring brings green growth back to plants and trees. Depending on where you live, trees may begin sporting new leaves as early as mid-March. That successful spring leaf growth ensures a cool canopy to relax under during the hot summer—a hugely important factor in keeping cities comfortable. Also Read - Happy Women’s Day 2020: Google Doodle Highlights The Achievements of Women Around The World

According to the Hindu calendar, there are six different types of Seasons in India throughout the year- Spring: Vasant Ritu, Summer: Grishma Ritu, Monsoon: Varsha Ritu, Autumn: Sharad Ritu, Pre-Winter: Hemant Ritu, Winter: Shishir Ritu. Since the Vedic period, people from India and across South Asia have been using this calendar to structure their lives. Ancient Indian calendars are used in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Things you can do in the spring season:

-Say bye-bye to winters and with a new season, go for a walk

-Look for buds on the trees and flowers starting to poke through the ground.

-See the birds chirping and flying during your walk

-Are the birds flying back yet?

-You can plant your own trees and flowers

-Plan a picnic at your favourite park

-Go for a long bicycle ride