The Internet is a wide place of information and people like to shed out their opinion or rather start a new trend. From various meme fests to crazy challenges, the internet has it all. Now, the creative minds of the world of the internet have started ‘really’ meme. Well, if you are an avid social media user, you must have noticed numerous times ‘really’ written in a vertical manner and at the end, there is a sentence. Now, Google India has joined the bandwagon and has asked Indians a very simple question, “Why do you keep asking the Google Assistant to marry you?” Also Read - Pakistani Money Heist Titled '50 Crore' Triggers Hilarious Meme Fest on Twitter, Fans Call it 'Sasta Version'

Many twitterati has replied to Google India’s simple question and the responses were hilarious. One user wrote following the ‘really’ trend, “sorry that you guys have to deal with single guys like us.” while the others replied with funny memes.’ Also Read - 'Zindagi Barbaad Ho Gaya': Shocked Gamers React to the PUBG Ban With Hilarious Memes

The trend has been followed by many companies such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Linkedin, OnePlus among Others but Google India takes the cake with their question.

Talking about the ‘really’ meme trend, it has exceedingly become popular on Twitter in the last few months. It involves people writing in a curve format and numerous times.

Check out the tweets here:

Well, Google India definitely knows how to stand out in the crowd.