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Software giant Google Inc is reportedly planning to launch a mobile messaging application that will give competition to popular messaging app WhatsApp. The news is reported in English daily. As per the reports, Google is in early stages of development of the app and are likely to launch the app in 2015. To give tough fight to WhatsApp, Google’s messaging app will be free while WhatsApp users have to pay Rs 53 annually after one year of usage. Moreover, Google will not make mandatory to use a Google login for messenger. Also Read - WhatsApp Likely To Launch 'Voice Transcription' Feature That Converts Voice Notes To Text

After developing the mobile software for messaging, Google will launch it in India and other markets. According to the report, Google is also looking to localise the mobile chat app by adding Indian language support and voice-to-text messaging. Also Read - How To Hide WhatsApp Message Preview From Notification Bar : Follow These Simple Steps

Though, the company has not declared anything officially, one cannot ignore about such a development being reported. Interestingly, Google had offered $10 billion to buy WhatsApp messaging service which was ultimately bought by social networking site Facebook.

As of now there are many messaging apps like Line, Hike, WeChat etc but WhatsApp is widely used among the youth. WhatsApp is the most globally popular messaging app with 600 million users, followed by China’s WeChat (438 million users) and Japan’s LINE (400 million users).