Google self-driving car failed the first public test. The self-driving car by Google caused an accident, when it collided with a public bus. Although the Lexus SUV has special sensors, it caused an accident in Mountain View, Calif. The surveillance video footage was received from inside Mountain View public transit bus which shows how the self-driving Google car potentially can cause danger to life. Also Read - Trump Pardons Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski, Sentenced For Stealing Trade Secrets

The surveillance video released was obtained by Associated Press which shows the accident that was caused first time the Google self-driving car was tested in public.The incident took place in February when the bus was side-swiped by the Google self-driving car when it was tested in public.(ALSO READ: Driverless cars: Google unveils electronic self-driving car!) Also Read - Google Drops Several Personal Loan Apps. Here's Why You Need To Be Careful

Post the incident, Google accepted the fault and publicly took the responsibility of the incident. But they further cleared that there would not have been such a dangerous situation if the public transit bus would have stopped or slowed down to make sure the self-driven car could merge into the traffic. You can check out the video footage from the surveillance camera below. Also Read - After Google, Apple And Amazon Also Remove Parler From Their Platforms Over US Capitol Siege