Google has made umpteen numbers of things possible for us with just one click. We have access to Google maps and getting accurate weather conditions along with answering any question for us all on our smartphones. Now Google has gone one step further has done something completely unbelievable and extraordinary. While weather predictions help us prepare ourselves against a potential cyclone or storm or massive blizzards, a new Google project has set its eyes to go one step further. Now, Google has announced his latest project ‘Google Wind’, with this project the company claims to be able to change the direction of winds, keep a tab on rainfall and control the weather in Netherlands through repurposing the country’s old windmills. The Google Cloud Platform team in Netherlands came up with the novel idea of ‘Google Wind’.Also Read - Bad News For Android App Developers, Google to Close Inactive Accounts - Deets Inside

Netherlands is known for its tulips and windmills and has a moist climate where it rains 145 days a year. There are not many sunny days in the year. Google has volunteered to step into provide the country with more sunny days! They shared a video on YouTube to provide a sneak peek into their project. The video caption reads, “Using them [windmills] not to capture wind, but to generate them.” The project is so bold that Google is claiming to even control rainfall.
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However, on the other hand one shouldn’t get too excited about this piece of news as the video was released on march 31 and it could very well turn out to be an April Fools’ Day prank, after all Google is famous for coming up with wacky ideas to fool people which turn out to be the greatest prank of the year. Last year they launched Google Cardboard Plastic VR glasses, previously they came up with Gmail motion. They were all April Fools’ Day pranks and guess what this Google Wind project could be one of those too.