We don’t like grumpy people, do we? But grumpy animals?Ah…. that’s a different saga altogether! Animals can make us laugh even with their angry expressions. Here’s the famous Think Tank duo help you choose who you should like better and why. While grumpy dog is cute with his…well grumpy expressions, it is the grumpy cat that looks an absolute stunner with her frown. The argument goes that while the grumpy puppy looks old, grumpy cat actually looks sexier. ALSO WATCH: How To Be More Photogenic? Look Better In Pictures using these 6 Tips

We loved the droopy eyes of the puppy. The expression he has on his face is priceless but sadly he does not get the much needed vote. The cat on the other hand plays smartly by looking much slimmer and sexier she walks away with all the glory. Now you watch the video and see the expert analysis. But hey-decide for yourself who should win your vote and why!