As people spend more time on social media trying out new apps to entertain themselves, creators are coming up with more and more artificial reality (AR) filters to keep them occupied. Instagram happens to have a good number of filters, with most already popular among the masses, and among them is the Guess the Gibberish filter. Also Read - UK Doctor Lists More Symptoms That Indicate You Could be Suffering From COVID-19

The Guess the Gibberish filter has become very popular the world over with its guessing game. What it does is show a random phrase written in a box, pinned over a face with a timer beneath it. People have to guess what the correct sentence or phrase is before time runs out. Of course, once time is over the card automatically reveals the correct phrase. Also Read - Covidiot: Not Understanding Purpose, Woman Cuts Hole in Her Face Mask so She Can Breathe

The creator of the filter is Christopher Gu and he has already created over 20 AR filters. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he shared how he came about to make the filter. Also Read - After Pillow And Duvet Dress Challenge, Now Shopping Bag Dresses Are All The Rage!

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In the interview, he revealed that when he was in quarantine, he watched a good number of videos and TV shows, and that one video he watched was of a group of YouTubers playing a game called Incohearent. He said he enjoyed watching the reaction of everyone in the video that on a whim he decided to make it an Instagram filter.

On how his creation went viral, Christopher said that he had messaged the YouTubers, Jenn McAllister and Elle Mills, about his filter. After seeing his filter they posted stories of themselves using it and it was picked up by other influencers and celebrities, and just like that, his creation went viral.