Prabhakar Reddy, an Indian martial arts master has created a unique and pretty difficult Guinness World Record. He has won the Guinness World Record title of Most Walnuts Crushed by Hand by smashing and breaking 212 walnuts in record time which is no mean feat. Walnuts are known for their tough outer shell which is difficult to break open and is generally broken by using a hammer on them. However, Prabhakar Reddy employed his martial arts skills and smashed 212 walnuts all arranged in neat rows with his bare hands. The contenders were allowed to wear a thin fabric glove on the hand that they would be using to crush the walnuts so that they don’t get hurt in the process. Prabhakar Reddy crushed all the walnuts in one go.Also Read - Viral Video: Boy Wears 10 Masks in 7.35 Seconds, Sets Guinness World Record | Watch

Prabhakar Reddy is a martial arts master and went on to win the Guinness World Record by smashing 212 walnuts in 60 seconds. The hard shells were supposed to be smashed in at least two parts to be counted and although the contenders wore a thin glove, the act was pretty painful. Prabhakar Reddy told the Guinness World Records that he practiced every day for this Herculean task. He crushed almost three walnuts per second to achieve this feat. Bini, The Rabbit, Sets Guinness Book of World Record For Dunking Basketballs Also Read - Woman Creates Guinness World Record by Crushing Most Apples With Biceps in a Minute | Watch

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The previous record was held by Pakistan’s Muhammad Rashid who had managed to break 210 walnuts. However, Prabhakar Reddy’s training and practice paid off as he bettered the previous record by a count of two.