Mumbai: Veteran actor turned politician Paresh Rawal on Thursday hit out at historian Ramachandra Guha over his tweet which seems to indicate that Gujarat is a “culturally backward province” in comparison to Bengal. Also Read - 'Don't Go to Fight With China After Drinking': Paresh Rawal Cracks Joke After Liquor Shops Reopen

Rawal dubbed the historian ‘Gutless Guha’ and ‘Chuha Guha’ on Twitter.

“After distorting History books Gutless Guha opens up a new avenue of Gujarati/Bengali! looks like he is getting a free ride on somebody’s Tail …! This Chuha Guha is not tired of being punchline of everyone’s jokes !,” the ‘Hungama’ actor tweeted.

His statement follows a Twitter post by Ramachandra Guha, which seems to indicate that Gujarat is “culturally backward” while Bengal is “culturally advanced”.

Guha, earlier on Thursday tweeted a quote by British writer Philip Spratt from 1939. “Gujarat, though economically advanced, is culturally a backward province… Bengal in contrast is economically backward but culturally advanced”. Philip Spratt, writing in 1939,” the tweet read.