Vadodara: In a rather bizarre incident, a 35-year-old man filed a complaint with the Gujarat police on Tuesday claiming that he was being harassed by a ‘gang of ghosts’. Requesting police personnel to save his life, Varsangbhai Bariyaalso said that two ghosts of the gang have threatened to murder him. Notably, the scared man told him that a gang of ghosts had approached him while he was busy working on his farm.Also Read - Intrigued by World of Ghosts? Banaras Hindu University Now Offers ‘Bhoot Vidya’ Course

Though the police was stunned by such a weird request, they suspected the man to be be mentally disturbed. However, they still lodged the complaint to assuage his fears and save him from further distress.

“He was very agitated. It was clear that he was behaving abnormally. We took down his application and showed it to help him calm down,” PSI Mayanksinh Thakor told TOI.

Later when the police contacted the victim’s family, they said that they had no idea that Varsangbhai had gone to the police station. His family members told the police that the man was undergoing psychiatric treatment and had not taken his medicine for the last 10 days.

The man has been referred to a medical professional and the family has been asked to ensure that he takes his medicines regularly so that such psychotic episodes do not occur again.

“We felt like he was unwell, but we investigated thoroughly and talked to his family members. And then at the behest of the family members, we referred him to a psychiatrist,” police said.