Navsari: And the lovebirds have returned! A middle-aged couple who had eloped just some weeks before their children were to get married to each other in Gujarat have returned to their respective homes on January 26. Also Read - Craziest Plot Twist Ever! Wedding in Surat Called Off After Groom's Father Elopes With Bride's Mother

The shocking elopement had made national headlines and left both the families red-faced.

On January 10, Himmat Patel of Surat and Shobhna Raval of Navsari had gone missing and a police complaint had been lodged to trace them, following which the ceremony had been put on hold.

“Patel’s son was to wed Raval’s daughter next month. After being missing since January 10, Patel and Raval appeared before Surat and Navsari police respectively on January 26. Both of them stayed in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh during this period,” the police said.

Upon her return, Raval’s husband refused to take her back so she went to her paternal home, Navsari superintendent of police Girish Pandya said.

After their elopement, a relative of both families said that they knew each other from living in the same area and that friends disclosed they had previously been in a relationship after they disappeared.

Speaking to PTI, the relative said, “Since they knew each other, it is possible that they might have decided to rekindle their old love and eventually eloped together. They came into contact once again after Patel sought the hand of Raval’s daughter for his son. When both the families were busy in the preparations for the marriage, which was scheduled for the second week of February, both of them eloped on January 10.”